Our Private Reserve Collection

This astonishingly rare and remarkably undiminished mechanical decoration, issued for merely one season in 1957, has an unusual feature: when the black cat die cut bob is pushed its weight creates a momentum causing the pendulum to oscillate back and forth making the eyes roll. A grommet attaches the lightly embossed skull and crossbones design to a separate piece of heavy weight cardboard on which “the eyes” are printed allowing it to pivot creating a clockwork action. Beistle recycled and slightly modified the art used in their 1940s skull and crossbones diecut with red printed transparency. The pendulum’s spindly construction, a strip of thin flat orange paper stock scored in the middle, did not lend itself well to survival over the decades. The pendulum rod is flimsy and inordinately prone to damage. Measures 18” h x 8.25” w.