A tableau of our long-established personal vintage Halloween collection representing items I consider to be truly top-shelf within the larger collection. The captioning is more extensive than the captioning found in other sections, conveying information I hope you will find both insightful and interesting.

We periodically add photographs as we maintain our archive.


Hallowe’en Tango Witch, USA, Beistle, (printed name), 1930-1931. This highly coveted item has a patent number of 1,593,637 granted in 1926. The construction of this figure didn’t lend itself well to survival over the decades. Opening and closing the honeycomb stresses the main body and degrades the honeycomb. The points along the border typically are creased and bumped. Because she cannot stand and must be hung, there are invariably creases or repairs at the feet. The severity of these nearly always present condition issues has a direct correlation to value. This extraordinary example is invaluable in her condition. Measures 16” h x 8” diameter.

Our Private Reserve Collection

1910-1914 German Halloween Suitcase Candy Container. Made from litho paper, it contains a thicker cardboard slide box to hold confections. The suitcase has a number of luggage labels such as Appletown, Melonhill, Black Cat Hotel, Oct 31st and Pumpkin Hotel. Verso: Great Witch Railway and Halloween Express, to name a few. Measures 1″ h x 2.50″ w x 0.75″ l.