“Here’s Johnny”. A Halloween display from the Rob LaPlace Vintage Halloween Collection.

The conceptual design and ultimate focal point of this display are the collectibles themselves but for those hardwired to create or interested in the creative processes/methods incorporated in its fabrication and visual elements of design, I’m happy to highlight a few of the custom appointments.

The Beistle JOL heads used in the display are not technically termed “Johnny Pumpkinheads”. The JOL heads, however, have been recycled and slightly modified from the art Beistle used in their Johnny Pumpkinhead decorations.

The monochromatic color palette of the fabrics and materials were chosen to accentuate the collectibles without overwhelming the integrity of the design.

The custom, hand-wrought, turned wood pedestals are made from three types of solid, natural hardwood: Hard White Maple, Western Red Alder and Black Cherry. The diecut Beistle JOLs on pedestals with flip-out bases were incorporated with the dimensional wood pedestals adding symmetry.

The tree form props are bespoke creations made from naturally bleached organic driftwood stained in Ebony and/or Jacobean.

These visual elements create shape, balance, size, color and texture adding to the display’s tone and design.