Issued by Dennison beginning in 1909 as a way to directly reach the end consumer, the concept didn’t take off right away, so the next issue was released in 1912. Except for 1918 and 1932, Dennison issued one annually through 1935. These Bogie Books are avidly collected today, bringing very strong prices for near-mint examples.  Many collectors use them for reference, piecing together just when specific products were offered by Dennison. Beginning with the 1925 addition, these annual publications became less interesting as a reference source as Dennison begin migrating illustrations of their stock goods and their corresponding stock numbers to their Price List pamphlets. Bogie Books provided an array of party activities, costume ideas, and decorating advice using Dennison’s paper goods.  Print runs for the 1909 and 1912-1917 editions were small so there aren’t many of them around.

Excerpts from our long-established personal vintage Halloween collection representing the high watermark of condition and rarity.

We periodically add photographs as we maintain our archive.