Beach & Arthur Paper Co.’s Innovative Artists Bring Bold Design to Market in 1938

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The Beach & Arthur Paper Co., of Indianapolis, Indiana, made some of the most coveted party plates so how better to kick-off the season by introducing one of their most obscure designs produced for two seasons only.

Beach & Arthur conjured up paper party products with imagination and this design is certainly without exception paying homage to All Hallow’s Eve pumpkin carving ritual with a tongue wagging whimsical quintessential black catcleverly positioned at the helm.

Beach & Arthur’s tableware products, especially their plates, are highly desired among collectors. Their finely crafted paper luncheon/dinnerware is seldom seen in the marketplace likely due to the company’s short run of only thirteen years.  Their graphics were finely honed and are synonymous with a passion for detail.  Collectors love them due to their imaginative art and density of imagery. 

This apex of elusivity, I’ve seen only one other example in the time I’ve been collecting, is an interesting design divestiture due to the overall use of a single solid vibrant orange pallet combined with black and yellow line work.  It exudes radiance and confidence. The illustrator’s exploration of one color experimentation makes the imagery pop with this high degree of color. The artists vary the value and intensity to create contrast within the composition then select and arrange the various elements so they work together to achieve expressive purpose.

The dynamic graphics have a kinetic quality that hold your interest, create energy and induce curb appeal.  The covey of black witch hats encircling the coved-center are especially interesting.  

This design is surely a harbinger of artistic achievement. Beach & Arthur’s stable of artists sought to differentiate their products….and succeeded in doing so.